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What's your skin type?

Everyone has their own way of taking care of their skin.

Identifying your skin type is a key point to plan your skincare routine, adjust your diet and lifestyle.

Sometimes you notice that your skincare has changed because of the season or age.

This is why it’s important to be aware of the changes in your skin.

Take the test and find out your skin type.


How does your skin feel?

How does your skin feel after one hour of cleansing?

By noon , how does your skin feel?

Does your skin crack or flake during winter?

Is your skin easily irritated or redness prone?

What's your biggest concern when trying a new skincare product?

What's your skin type?
Your skin type is dry or dehydrated.

If the dryness of your skin is due to poor care then your skin may be dehydrated. Dry skin has a tendency to be flaky and has fine lines because it does not retain moisture well. Try a gentle skincare routine. Use sensitive cleansers without alcohol and perfumes. When washing your face avoid hot water, hot water removes all the natural oils in your skin that help to keep it hydrated. Exfoliate once a week with a gentle exfoliator, avoid salt and sugar scrubs instead use something with oatmeal as it's main ingredient. Moisturise with rich moisturizers like thick creams, a quick fix is virgin coconut oil. While bathing keep the temperature cool and limit your baths to once a day for max 5 to 10 minutes. For your diet eat more omega-3 fats and drinks lots of water.
Your skin type is oily.

Oily skin tends to produce more oils, combined with dead skin can lead to clogged pores. Use a gentle astringent skin care routine. Use a clay mask once or twice a month. Clay mask can temporarily draw oil and dirt from the skin. Cleanse your skin twice a day, regular cleansing helps to keep the pores clean and reduces sebum buildup. Use an astringent toner after every face wash. this will help to reduce oils and shine through out the day. Moisturize your skin with a light moisturizer like oil-free moisturizers. Use water-based cosmetics for your makeup routine. Look for labels that say noncomedogenic ' no pore-clogging ingredients' You must avoid picking spots, harsh cleansers and gadgets(Clarisonic) For your diet consume probiotics such as yoghurts. This helps to balance the skin. Be healthy, avoid a diet high in fat processed food, sugar and salt. Helpful supplements: Vitamin A , B3 , c and zinc.
Your skin type is combination of oil and dry.

Combination skin is when your skin is oily and normal- dry in some places. Use a mild face cleanser. For a tonic use florar waters such as rosewater. Moisterize twice a day but avoind pore clogging creams. During winter use a heavier moisterizer in the dry areas. For a mask apply a clay mask to the t-zone and a moisterizing mask to the dry areas. Futhermore avoid sleeping with makeup, this may cause breakouts. Helpfull sumplements are Vitamin b-complex and zinc.
Your skin type is sensitive.

Find out with your doctor what triggers your skin sensitivity by doing an allergy test. Use gentle hypoallergenic products. For a face cleanser look for one with low foam. Apply moisturizer while your skin is still moist and pat it dry. Do not take baths , showering or bathing in warm water is more than enough . Avoid highly fraganced products such as soaps, detergents,exofliants and toners.
Your skin type is normal

Normaal skin is soft , smooth , supple and not prone to eruptions. It also has a healthy glow. You should be fine with cleaning twice a day and using a light moisterizer. Exofoliate your skin once a week. Always apply sunscreen.

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