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Skeleton makeup


Halloween is one of my favorite days.

For me is all about dressing up and being creative with makeup.

For the October month I decided to create some step by step tutorials for some budget friendly easy halloween makeups.

Products needed

White cream face paint
translucid powder
Black Eye shadow
Black kohl eyeliner
chocolate brown eyeshadow

Let's get started

Start by using a foundation mixed with a bit of white cream face paint.

Make sure the bas color is 2 shades lighter than your own skin tone.

Highlight the tallest areas of your face with white cream face paint.

this will help you to create a heavy boney look.


For the eyes start with black eyeliner kohl pencil.

Apply all around the eyes and on the lid.

Apply black eyeshadow on top of the eyeliner.

Blend the eyeshadow into the corner of the eyes and the crease.

While frowning your face apply more black eyeshadow on the parts between the eyebrow that frown.

Also apply black eyeshadow on the line that forms the eye socket 

Use a chocolate brown eyeshadow under the eyes , on the temples en de brow bone.

with the kohl eyeliner draw the nose.

Follow your cheekbones with first the chocolate brown eyeshadow en after with some black eyeshadow.

Blend it all together by going down with your brush.

Start with the lips by applying white face paint.

Draw a horizontal line  in the inner part of the lips using the black khol pencil.

Draw vertical lines on top of the horizontal line using the black khol pencil.

For the teeth use the white face paint in between the lines.

Try to make a teeth shape.

Round the tops and point where the teeth “go” into the skin.

To dramatize the look add some accents.

Apply extra white face paint for the teeth and re-draw the lines between the eyes and the eyebrows.

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Stay Spooky!

- Dayhana Herrera