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10 Make up brushes every makeup lover should own

10 makeupbrushes everygirl needs
Usually, when you walk into a makeup store, there is always a section full of makeup brushes.
The main reason why you need makeup brushes is to pick up product without adding any oil or dirt to your face.
They have so many types and sizes, this is something that can be very overwhelming if you can’t make a choice.
So allow me to help you out!
 Shape & sizes

Brushes are shaped and cut in a multitude of ways for different makeup application.

Before I start explaining the uses of every brush let’s start with the amount of product you want in you makeup application.

The longer the bristles the more diffused your application of product is.

The smaller the bristles the more concentrated your application of products is.

 Natural bristles are used for powder products.

Synthetic bristles for cream products like lipstick or concealer



Dual ended eyebrow brush with spoolie and angled brush.

The angled brush is perfect to add either a cream or powder product.

Blend with the spoolie for a softer natural effect.


Large duo foundation brush

A flat brush head made of a mixture of sable and synthetic bristles.

This brush is ideal for blending and buffing foundation creating an airbrush finish.

Because of the mixture of bristles , it can be used for any type of foundation and primers.


Small concealer brush.


This flat brush is made out of synthetic bristles.

An ideal shape to apply  the product around the eye contours and the bridge of the nose.

Don’t use this brush to blend the product but apply by tapping the product down.

Be careful with the amount of product you pick up. The smaller the brush the heavier the application.

Beauty blender original and the micro mini.


The most multi use sponge out there.

The beauty blender can be used for skincare application , foundation , cream blush and lastly to blend the makeup into the skin.

First wet the sponge until it’s completely saturated, remove excess water by squeezing the sponge. This will prevent the sponge from sucking too much product.

Apply product by dabbing the sponge agains the skin.



Large powder brush.


This dome-shaped brush head is ideal for a quick, lightweight powder application.

Apply the product in sweeping strokes ,  best used for either compact or loose powders.





Double ended sculpting brush for contour and blush

This double ended brush is mane of sable bristles.

the perfect tool for powder application and sculpting bronzer.

This brush can be used with loose and compact powders. 


Synthetic fan brush

The fan shaped brush can be used for featherweight product application and removing excess products

Best  used for powder , compact highlighter , under eye powder application or removing eyeshadow that has fallen on the under eye area.


The Urban Decay  3 eyeshadow dual brush set 

A set with 3 brushes and 6 heads, made of a mixture of synthetic and sable bristles.

Ideal for both cream & powder eyeshadows.

The smaller dome shaped brush heads are perfect for applying product on the inner corner,  lower lash line.

The flat shaped head brush head is ideal for applying product to the eyelid.

The fluffy domed head brush are prefect for blending product , for example on the crease.

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-Dayhana Herrera