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How healthy is your hair?

OMG! Colouring, Styling, sunshine and many more factors can be very damaging for your hair!

Do you think your hair is healthy? The answer might surprise you.

Take the quiz to find out and get some tips to bring your mane back to health.


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I am most concerned with

How healthy is your hair
Congrats ! Your hair is Close to perfect!

To help keep your hair in top shape, make sure you use a heat protectant before picking up a hot styling tool. Lock in moisture by using a hydrating mask once a month.
Congrats! your hair is healthy!

I have good news for you, Your hair is very healthy! That being said, you may experience some dryness at the ends of your hair strands. Over washing , coloring or heating tools can make your hair feel dry and make it look dull. Use a deep hydrating mask every 2 weeks . if you are styling your hair use a heat protectant. To lock in moisture use a moisturizing hair serum.
Oops! your hair needs some time, love, care (TLC)

Don't worry, you probably tried colouring your hair, chemically processing it or use a heating styling tool regularly. Not visiting your hairdresser enough for a trim may cause split ends to go further up your hair. Any of these reasons may damage the external surface of your hair, the hair cuticle. As a result your hair may be left looking dull, feeling dry and having split ends. To bring your hair back to life, always use a conditioner after shampooing. Use a hydrating mask every 2 weeks. Apply a heat protectant before using any heat styling tools and apply a hair serum to lock in moisture. Get a trim every 3 to 6 months.
Ouch! I hate to break it to you ,

But your hair may be feeling rough & dry. Frequently chemically processing the hair can break the bonds within it. this results in hair breakage, lots of split ends, hair knots and dryness. Start asking your hairdresser for a protein treatment like Fibreplex or Olaplex while getting coloured. Get a trim every time you colour to keep split ends at bay. Every time you shampoo use a deep hydrating hair mask and leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes. Always use heat protectant in the form of a leave in milk , after styling use a hair serum to lock in moisture.
Oh oh!.. Time for mayor damage control

Over chemically processing the hair by doing perms, straightening, highlights, colourful & pastel colours may have caused serious damage to your hair. Years of using heat styling tools may have caused dry hair full of split ends. Not visiting your hairdresser for a trim may a cause for the split ends to go further up your hair. Get a haircut every 6 to 8 weeks to prevent the hair from breaking off. Ask your hairdresser for an in-salon protein treatment like Fibreplex or Olaplex. Use a hair mask everytime you shampoo, use a protein mask like Fibreplex or Olaplex to build the hair from within. Always use a heat protectant & a hair serum to lock in moisture.

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