Taking care of your makeup brushes 101

Now that you got a beautiful set a of brushes.

Rises  new questions.

How should I store them?

How should I clean them?

How many times a month should I clean them?


How to store them?

Find a nice container

First, make sure you have a nice container like a vase or a cup to store the brushes.

For the dual end brushes is best to lay them flat. 

This way the shape of the brush won’t get damaged.

Tip: Check Pinterest out for a lot of fun makeup storage ideas.

How often should I wash them?

The ideal amount is once a week. If you skip a week it’s also fine. 

But at least wash them once a month.

If your washing once a month make sure you have a brush cleanser spray for in between washes.

Put the cleansing emulsion in a spray bottle for easier use.

Not washing your brushes can cause allergic reaction and breakouts

The product color may change because of color buildup.

 Clean brushes ensure a breakout free face, true colors and help with the brush durability.

How to wash your brushes?


Start by wetting the brush head, make sure you don’t wet the handle.

If the brush has a wood handle and it gets wet, the wood can get damaged and the bristles will start to fall out. 

Use a gentle shampoo like a baby wash.

Gently scrub the brushes against the palm of your hand. 

When washing the shampoo out make sure the water runs clear.

To dry the brushes, roll the head in toilet paper,  balancing them with the head down.

Feeling lazy? Check out these cleaning accessories

Brush dryer
Brush cleansing help

Where to shop

Still have questions about cleaning your brushes?

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