Hair & Makeup

Attacked by the big bad wolf

This Halloween makeup is inspired by the red riding hood.

The focus of this look is on the scratch mark and the red lipstick.


It’s very important to be careful while doing Halloween makeup and special FX makeup.

Use products that are safe for your skin and eyes to prevent allergies or burns.


Don’t cheap out on buying special fx makeup like latex, 3rd degree, wounds gel or wax.


Products needed for the scratch mark

3rd-degree wounds maker
Bruise color wheel
Fake blood
Stippling sponge
Morphe eyeshadow
Artist liquid matte lip color #401

Let's Get started!

Start with applying foundation, drawing in your eyebrows en concealing your dark circles.

Fill in the crease with a  medium brown color and blend it out.

Apply a dark brown or black eyeshadow on the outer corner of the crease.

Add some glitter eyeshadow on the eyelid.

Fluff the eyebrows by using a mascara wand, vaseline and some hair spray.

Apply the hairspray on the mascara wand.

Use a dark brown eyeshadow on the lower lash line 

For the scar, I’m using 3rd-degree component A and a spatula to mark up where I want the scar.

Use component B in vertical lines on top of component A

On top draw some curvy vertical lines.

This will form the scratches.

Make sure you apply the product as thin as possible to make it seem realistic.

Apply trans lucid powder on top of the 3rd degree.

I’m using Mehron bruise color wheel to color in the scratch wound.

Use the dark reddish brown, and the dark blue to create some depth

Use the stipple sponge to stipple some reddish brown on top of the scar.

It will make it look like bruised, bloodied skin.


Add some liquid blood right on top of the scratches, the blood helps to cover up mistakes.

The end

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Stay spooky

-Dayhana Herrera

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