Hair & Makeup

Hello there, Welcome to my blog


The reason why I started this blog was because people often come to me with questions about suitable looks, hair products and the lipstick I’m wearing. 

On this page, I will be answering all your hair & makeup related questions.

My name is Dayhana Herrera.

I’m a Makeup artist & Hairstylist working in the city of  Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

I was born in Colombia and grew up in Curaçao, a beautiful island in the Caribbean.

An island with so much cultural diversity that sparked my interest in Beauty, Hair, Makeup & People.

In 2014,  I decided to turn my passion into a reality by joining the industry as a professional Makeup Artist and later on as a Hairstylist. 

I consider myself lucky to be able to have such a creative job.

Any Questions?


Feel free to leave a comment.

-Dayhana Herrera